Jim Lewis Photography | Children of Rural Tanzania

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Portraits of rural children whose welfare is supported by their villagers under a program run by American NGO Africa Bridge, with offices in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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MG_7159-fnl12x18_forABSleeping childYoung girl in NtanabalaNtandabala Village ChildYoung girl in Nsyasya VillageActive helperSisters in Nyasasya VillageYoung girl in Lupando VillageLupando Village girlLupando Village girlLupando Village girlLittle boy in Lupando villageYoung girl outside home in BujesiSisters in BujesiYoungster in Bujesi villageIdweli village youthIdweli village boyBoy in IdweliStudent poses outside schoolYoungster in Ngumbulu Village