Jim Lewis Photography | Villagers of Rural Tanzania

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Villagers, meetings, and other images from the work of Africa Bridge

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Women wearing tradition kitenga in village meetingAgriculture studentNtanabala Village womanSchoolbookVillage woman in cow co-opVillage woman in LupandoMember of cow co-op in Lupando VillageBujesi Coop womanMother and daughter at co-op meeting in Igembe VillageIgembe Village WomanMan at village meetingPrincipal at Igembe schoolDr. Kwita, head of the Idweli ClinicMember of Idweli Village cow co-opMember of Idweli Village cow co-opWoman in formal dress, Isyonje VillageOld village woman talks to youngsterMother and infant, Ngumbulu villageHead of a co-op in NgumbuluCo-op member speaks at meeting